Thanks for stopping by! My name is Kate and I’d love to share a little bit about myself so we can get to know each other better.

I’m a SAHM (stay at home mom) who loves to cook. I also love to buy the latest kitchen gadgets and I’m always trying out new cooking techniques in the kitchen.

I love to feed my family delicious food but I also want it to be a) healthy and b) ready in a flash! I also have two very picky kids to contend with…. not easy when planning my families weekly meals out each Sunday night!

I first fell in love with rice cookers when I was teaching English in Japan. A Japanese kitchen would never be complete without a rice cooker. They can do without an oven, sure, but never without a warm pot of rice on the bench top. Rice is eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Asia. It’s healthy, filling and cheap.

It’s time for America to get with the program and realise that the Asian way of cooking rice is simple, quick and not laden with preservatives that you get when you opt for boil in the bag or microwave rice that cooks in two minutes. Yuck! Who would want to feed their family soggy or greasy rice? Not me!

I have gone to great lengths to find the best rice cookers available for American kitchens. Read through my rice cooker reviews and decide which is the best for your family.

Can’t decide? If a friend or family member asks me what they should get as their first rice cooker then this is the model I suggest. It’s cheap, has lots of functions and is big enough to cook rice for an entire family. You’ll love it and it won’t disappoint.

Once you’ve been using an affordable rice cooker for a few years you might want to upgrade to a more advanced model. This is where Japanese rice cookers come in! The one I have personally in my own kitchen is this model. Zujiroshi is a top name brand Japanese rice cooker and while they’re more expensive they are definitely worth it. I recommend this model for more discerning cooks who are actually spending a bit more on the actual rice they buy too. (Japanese families actually spend a lot of money on the rice they buy to get top quality rice and it makes a big difference. I might go into that in a post a little bit later on this year so stay tuned.)

So… in the mean time, take a look around my site. Check out my rice cooker reviews, read a few recipes and find a few tips on how to best use your rice cooker. If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them.