Cooking rice can be a tricky business. It’s all too easy to cook it too much or not enough or end up with a very burned pot at the end of the day. There are several tools you can use to make the process much easier and make sure you end up with a great batch of every time. Here are our recommended utensils for cooking rice.


Wash n Drain

A new fancy tool on the market will make cooking rice easier than ever. Two of the most important steps are rinsing and draining your rice well. This tool has a rubber tip that fills with water and you can then use it to wash your rice. The middle area of it is actually used a strainer that is designed in such a way that you never lose any grains of rice.


Large bowl with a Lid

This will be even better if it has a plastic tight fitting lid. Soaking the rice is an important step before you being cooking so having a nice big bowl for the rice to absorb the water in is handy. Since the rice has to soak for about 30 minutes it is nice if it comes with a lid to cover it just to make sure no foreign objects are contaminating the rice while you let it sit. Note that if you buy a highly optioned rice cooker like a Zojirushi then you don’t have to do this as the rice cooker with soak the rice for you. See my buying guide to rice cookers here.


Large Plastic Spoon or Fork

This will be used at multiple points while cooking. Rice needs to be evenly distributed under the water and a spoon or fork will help you to achieve that. It’s also important so that you can use it to properly fluff your rice when it is ready to be served. You should ALWAYS use a fork to fluff cooked rice, never a spoon.


Measuring Cup

This may be one of the most important utensils needed in cooking rice. So much of making a great batch of rice relies on using the correct water to rice ratio. This varies greatly between the different types of rice, especially brown and white and rice, and may take some research and practice to figure out the best measurements. Rice is definitely not something you ever want to measure out just by guessing or approximations. If you’re cooking with a rice cooker, then you should use the measuring cup provided with the rice cooker unless you’re cooking less than half the specified capacity of the rice cooker. This is to prevent overflow.


Oven Mitts

Things can get hot while you’re cooking your rice and nothing will ruin the meal more than having a nasty burn. Make sure to have oven mitts you can use to handle the hot pots and lids and protect yourself. If your rice cooker has a glass lid this is essential. You can also use the oven mitts to lift your rice cooker’s inner pot and place it straight on the table to serve from.