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Best Small Rice Cooker 2016

Love rice but live alone or as a couple? Then you need a small rice cooker! One to three cups of rice is about the perfect amount if you’re cooking for one or two people. We have looked at the many options available to give you a detailed list of the best small rice cookers. As with other small rice cooker reviews, this review will consider the construction, design, features, and size. Check out our list to see which is the best small rice cooker for you.

Why purchase a rice cooker?

If you enjoy rice that is fluffy, long and well-cooked, then it may be time you changed from using ordinary pans to a rice cooker. Cooking rice in a pan requires constant attention and even then, one is bound to make rice that is either overcooked or undercooked, and you will be left with a troublesome mess to clean after that. A rice cooker yields better, consistent results so you can enjoy a perfect meal every single time. With varied settings,  takes the guesswork out of cooking this versatile meal.


Best Small Rice Cookers at a Glance (Comparison Table)

ModelMax Capacity

Black and Decker RC503
3 cups
Auto keep warmCheck Prices3.8 / 5

6 cupsAuto keep warmCheck Prices4.2 / 5

Livart Rice Cooker
1 cupAuto keep warmCheck Prices4.4 / 5

Panasonic SR-3NA
3 cupsNo auto keep warmCheck Prices4.5 / 5

Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA
6 cupsAuto keep warm
Retractable power cord
Additional settings for sushi rice, porridge, brown rice and quick cooking
Check Prices4.6 / 5

Tiger JAY-A55U-CU
6 cupsAuto keep warm
Additional settings for quick cooking, brown rice, porridge & germinated brown rice
Check Prices4.7 / 5

Reviews of the Top-Rated Small Rice Cookers



Black and Decker RC503

This Black and Decker small rice cooker is a wonderful automatic machine that sets to warm after cooking is complete. Its non-stick removable bowl allows for effortless serving of rice and easy cleaning. When purchasing the machine, you will get a measuring cup as well which makes it simpler to gauge the amount of rice needed as the cooker can make 1 to 3 cups of cooked rice. The upside to this amazing cooker is that it also has a steaming basket allowing one to steam foods such as fish and vegetables besides making rice. That is not all; you can also make stews, soups, and oatmeal with the small electric rice cooker.

Price: Click there to find the latest price on the Black and Decker RC503




This is one of the best rice cookers from Oster. It makes 3 cups of uncooked rice into the fluffiest, tastiest rice every single time. With indicator lights and an automatic keep-warm function, this small rice cooker will make your meal fast and keep it warm for you. The removable non-stick pot allows you to scoop out rice quickly once it is ready. Included in the set are a measuring cup, steaming basket, and ladle. You can use the steamer to cook other foods thus giving you versatility in your kitchen. The downside to the machine is that you have to use its measuring cup which is much smaller than the standard cup thus makes about 2 cups of uncooked rice rather than the three cups stated by the company.

Price: Click there to find the latest price on the Oster CKSTRCMS65



Livart Rice Cooker

Our top pick for best rice cooker for one person!

If you are searching for a tiny rice maker, think Livart. This very small rice cooker 1 cup is perfect for making rice for one or two people. This 110-volt cooker is just as efficient as other bigger cookers and with an automatic switch, it will stop itself.. The Livart rice cooker small is a great bargain as it is inexpensive, fast, and convenient. The downside to this rice maker is its design which uninventive. It, however, certainly compensates for its lack of design by making the fluffiest rice and keeping it warm for you.

Price: Click there to find the latest price on the Livart Rice Cooker



Panasonic SR-3NA

Need a small rice cooker 2 cup-size for your home? This Panasonic small rice cooker fits 1.5 cups of rice to make 3 cups of cooked rice. With the press of a button, you will have perfectly cooked rice using this automatic machine. It is ideal for varied meals but cautions against making brown rice with it. The 200-watt machine is made of non-stick aluminum coating which makes it easy for one to clean the small rice maker.

Price: Click there to find the latest price on the Panasonic SR-3NA


Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA

Our top pick for best small rice cooker with the most features!

Zojirushi prides itself as the king of the rice cookers’ industry. It makes it to this list with Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA. This rice maker will make you the fluffiest rice using the latest technology known as Fuzzy Logic. Fuzzy logic emulates the human mind to make smart decisions such as correcting temperatures and time. It has a superior cooking pan with lines to allow the precise measuring of ingredients. Zojirushi is your best bargain if you are searching for a rice cooker that does more than just cook rice. This small rice steamer has varied cooking functions which include sushi, brown, porridge, white/mixed and quick cooking. You can make every rice using this small Zojirushi rice cooker.

Price: Click there to find the latest price on the Zojirushi NS-LAC05XA



Tiger JAY-A55U-CU

A small stainless steel rice cooker is a must-have in a modern kitchen. This electric rice cooker, small enough to make three cups of rice, has two preset cooking timers that allow you to adjust your cooking time. It uses the micom technology which is programmed with menu functions and setting to make you delicious and moist rice every single time. Once you have put in your rice and set the timer, the smart cooker activates the cooking process using a sensor in the inner pan. Just a press of a button and the cooker will do the rest. The electric cooker may be small, but it has superior finishes such as the far-infrared coating and scratch-resistant pan to ensure you get perfect rice every single time and durability.

Price: Click there to find the latest price on the Tiger JAY-A55U-CU