Picking the right size rice cooker is an important step in your purchase. It can be confusing to know which will be the best for your needs and also hard to know what you’re getting as the advertising can be tricky. There are a few basic rules to follow and some tips to know to make sure you buy the best rice cooker for you!

It’s important to first understand what companies mean when they are advertising their rice cookers. For example, they will usually describe the rice cooker as being a 7-cup model or perhaps 10-cup model. Your first thought might be that this means you will get 7 or 10 cups of cooked rice from this rice cooker. However, that is incorrect. When companies advertise their rice cookers they list the amount of uncooked rice that it is capable of cooking. Of course it depends on what type of rice you use, but generally this means you will end up with double that amount of rice once it is cooked. This is a general rule of thumb but some companies may advertise based on the amount of cooked rice it can make so also make sure to double check that before purchasing.

Now that we understand that difference, it’s time to pick the right rice cooker for your lifestyle! You may think why not just get the biggest rice cooker out there, just in case. That way you would have limitless options as to how much rice you can make. However, this isn’t a good idea. The larger models don’t always have the capability of making smaller portions of rice so if the norm for you is only cooking for one or two people then you are much better off purchasing a 5-cup model. Below is a chart to help you pick out the best rice cooker based on how many people you are normally cooking for.


Number of People Number of Cups
1-2 people 5
Family 7
Large Family 10
Small Event 20
Catering 30


Following these simple guidelines and this chart will ensure you pick the best rice cooker for your life. If you’re someone who on a day-to-day basis is normally cooking for one or two people but throws the regular dinner party, there’s nothing that says you can’t buy two rice cookers of different sizes to make sure you are always prepared!